TFC Silicone Type 3, heat-resistant, 500 g

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Elastic mould-making compound, heat-resistant. High-grade, economical and good quality.


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TFC silicone rubber type 3 is a heat-resistant addition curing silicone that is very suitable for demanding, elastic and durable molds with pronounced undercuts. This material can be used to make one-piece or multi-part moulds and for moulding original models made of concrete, clay, wood, glass, metal, plastic, wax or ceramic casting compounds.

The two components are mixed in a 1:1 weight ratio. The mixture has a very good flowability and is therefore easy to pour. The mould produced in this way has a high tensile strength and flexibility, a very high level of detail in reproduction and excellent non-stick properties, which make it easier to release the models from the mould.

Due to their heat resistance up to 450°C, moulds made of TFC silicone rubber type 3 are also very suitable for casting with low-melting metals (tin casting). In this case it is important to ensure that the mould is absolutely dry and the mould must be treated with talcum as a separating and flow agent before each pouring. This gives you better casting results and protects the mould from burns.

Technical data:
Colour: red (component A) and white (component B)
Mixing ratio: 1:1 according to weight proportions
Specific gravity: 1,1 g/cm³
Viscosity: 7000 ± 300 mPas
Mixing time at 20°C: 1 minute
Working time (pot life) at 20°C: 10 minutes (100 g)
Curing time (demoulding time) at 20°C: 120 minutes
Shore A hardness after 24 hours: 33 ± 2
Breaking load (tensile strength): 4.7 ± 0.2 N/mm²
Elongation at break: 430 ± 20 %
Tear strength: 16 ± 1 N/mm
Dimension change after 24 hours: < 0.02 %
Shelf life: at least one year

Attention: When working with addition-curing silicone rubbers, make sure that clean and dry containers are used. The surface of the object to be moulded should also be as dry and free of impurities as possible. Certain substances can prevent or slow down the curing of addition-curing silicone. These include condensation-curing silicones, organic rubbers, plasticizers, amines, heavy metals and sulphur-containing kneading compounds. At the contact surfaces between addition-curing silicone and the substances mentioned, vulcanization problems then occur, which render the mould and often also the model unusable. In case of doubt it is strongly recommended to check the material compatibility in a small preliminary test.

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Pot life: 08 - 15 min
Shore A hardness: 31 - 40
Elongation at break: 290 - 450 %
Tear strength: 15 - 20 N/mm
Shipping weight: 0,50 kg
Product weight: 0,50 kg
Contents: 0,50 kg

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